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Regeneration of cartilage can occur from its.

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: As we know certainly that regeneration is a kind of natural process of replacement or resurrection of damaged or missing cells, organs, tissues and can be of entire body parts to full function in both animals and plants. It is an important aspect of biological science.

Complete answer:
Regeneration means regrowth of a certain kind of body part, its cells or tissues or the entire thing. Human beings can also regenerate some organs like liver or tissue like cartilage. As we discussed regeneration lets know what cartilage in detail is.
Cartilage is an important structure in our body. It is a firm yet soft tissue but more flexible than bone. Cartilage is a connective tissue and found in almost many areas of the body. Its prior locations are- joints between bones as it’s a connective tissue it connects the tissues of the organs and helps in joining and smooth movement.
Example-knees, ankles, ribs, between vertebrae in spine, in between ears and nose, bronchial tubes, or airways. Cartilage can be damaged by diseases like arthritis where inflammation of joints will occur causing pain, swelling unable to walk or bodily movements.
There are three types of cartilages present in our body:
a) Hyaline cartilage- this is a glass like cartilage having low-friction. It is a resistant tissue which is designed to bear weight and distribute weight evenly within the joints. It is strong rubber-like flexible tissue, but it has poor regeneration capacity. It is the most widely spread type of cartilage also known as articular cartilage as it spreads generally on the surface of tissues.
b) Elastic cartilage- it is more flexible and stretchable than hyaline cartilage and is present in the ear, larynx, and epiglottis.
C) Fibrous cartilage- as the name suggests fibrous that means it contains more amount of collagen fibers. It is tough and not flexible like other cartilages. Found between knee and intervertebral discs and pubic symphysis. The fibrous cartilage also contains fibroblasts.
Cartilage keeps the motion and movement of our body smooth as it keeps the motion fluid coats with bones surfaces and by cushioning bones against any external damage or injuries.
Endogenous stem cells recruited to injured tissues are a contribution to the healing process. It can occur from perichondrium as it contains mesenchymal cell-like features. This helps in chondrogenesis and helps in any defective tissue regeneration.

Scientists are still doing discoveries and studying its potential uses in medicine like treating diseases and injuries. A factor called TGF-\[\beta 3\] is responsible for recruiting \[130\% \] more cells in hyaline cartilage with improved properties. The chondrocytes also function the same in growth and repair.