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Read the following statements w.r.t. meristematic cells:
(i) Cells have dense cytoplasm with a prominent nucleus.
(ii) Cells possess well-developed mitochondria, plastids, and endoplasmic reticulum.
(iii) Cells possess the property to divide continuously.
(iv) Apical meristems produce primary tissues.
(v) During formation of leaves and elongation of the stem, some cells left behind from shoot apical meristem, constitute the axillary bud.

How many of the given statements are correct?
A ) Five
B) Four
C) Three
D) Two

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Hint: Meristematic tissue is a group of immature cells that are preparing to divide and are in a continuous state of division. The basic function of these tissues is to contribute to the growth of the plants. These tissues are found in the growing regions of plants and are responsible for the formation of the primary plant body.

Complete answer:
Meristem are the specialised area in the plant body that possess the meristematic tissue ,these are area of active cells division as the cell present in them keep on dividing to form other cells the cells produced by division of meristematic cells soon lose the capacity to divide and such cells make the plant body .

Statement i) is correct because meristematic cells have thin cell walls and dense cytoplasm with large prominent nuclei.

Statement ii) is incorrect because meristematic cells contain small, discrete mitochondria in the cell periphery and one large, mitochondrial mass in the perinuclear region.

Statement iii) is correct because cells within the meristematic tissues are self renewing, which means they divide every time.

Statement iv) is correct because the apical Meristem produces the primary tissues of the plant body and are responsible for the primary growth of the plant. They principally contribute to increase in the length that is elongation of plants along their axis the growth of roots and stems in the length with the help of apical meristem is called primary growth.

Statement v) is correct because the cells of the shoot apical Meristem continuously divide to increase their number to a longer at this time while the same is elongating and the leaves are falling on it some cells left Behind from the shoot apical Meristem in the axil of leaves and the constitute the axillary bud.

Therefore, i,iii, iv and v , these statements are correct.

Thus, the correct answer is option is (B) Four

>Plants are made up of different kinds of tissues which are broadly classified into meristematic (apical ,lateral and intercalary )and permanent (simple and complex).
>Apical Meristem lie at the tip of root and shoot, intercalary meristem lie between the permanent tissues and Lateral meristem lie in the mature region of roots and shoots.
>Sclerenchyma, parenchyma and collenchyma are the simple permanent tissues, xylene and phloem are the complex permanent tissues.