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Rayon is mixed with ______to make ______ and mixed with ______ to make ______.
A.Cotton, bed sheet, wool, carpets
B.Teflon, bed sheet, jute, carpets
C.Nylon, bed sheet, cotton, carpets
D.Wool, bed sheet, cotton, carpets

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Hint: We have to know that fiber is a characteristic or man made substance that is fundamentally more than it is wide. Filaments are frequently utilized in the production of different materials. The most grounded designing materials frequently consolidate filaments, for instance, carbon fiber and super high-atomic weight polyethylene.

Complete answer:
We have to know that the rayon is an engineered fiber, produced using regular wellsprings of recovered cellulose, like wood and related horticultural items. It has a similar sub-atomic design as cellulose. Thick can mean: A gooey arrangement of cellulose, An equivalent of rayon, A particular term for thick rayon, this rayon made utilizing the gooey cycle.
We have to know, numerous sorts and grades of gooey filaments and movies exist. Some impersonate the vibe and surface of characteristic strands like silk, fleece, cotton, and material. The sorts that look like silk are frequently called fake silk. The fiber is utilized to make materials for dress and different purposes.
We have to see, rayon creation includes solubilizing cellulose. One mainstream strategy includes the utilization of soluble base and carbon sulfide. Another strategy includes utilizing ammoniacal arrangements of copper salts. One more course, the lyocell cycle, depends on a unique dissolvable.
When, rayon or fake silk is gotten from a characteristic source, wood mash. It is less expensive than silk and can be woven like silk filaments.
Therefore, rayon is mixed with cotton to make bed sheets, and rayon is mixed with wool to make carpets.

Hence, the correct option is (A).

We have to know that, nowadays cotton is the world's most broadly utilized common fiber and still the undisputed ruler of the worldwide materials industry.Wool is used as dress, fleece has been utilized for covers, horse mats, saddle fabrics, covering, protection and upholstery.