Rayon has properties similar to:
(A)- Wool
(B)- Jute
(C)- Silk
(D)- Cotton

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Hint: Rayon is a natural material. It is obtained from the cellulose we get from wood pulp or cotton. It’s a low-cost and can be used for various purposes. The structure of Rayon is similar to that of molecular structure of cellulose.

Complete answer:
Let us first see how Rayon is made. Rayon is a type of fabric which is made from cellulose fibre. The cellulose fibre is obtained from the wood pulp. Even though Rayon is made from the natural material, it may require some chemicals for its synthesis. Therefore, it is known as the semi-synthetic fabric.
Rayon can be manufactured by solubilizing Cellulose. It involves the use of the alkali and carbon sulphide. It is a process which involves use of ammoniacal solutions of copper salts. Any fibres can imitate the feel and texture of natural fibre. The natural fibres include silk, cotton, wool, etc. Rayon is the artificial fibre which can imitate the feel of silk. Therefore, it is called artificial silk.

Therefore, the correct answer is option (C) Silk.

Additional information:
The use of Rayon fabric has got several advantages such as
- It is inexpensive.
- It looks and feels luxurious.
- it gives a soft silk-like feel.
- Fabric has a breathable nature.
- it can easily blend with other fabrics.

 Though Rayon has got many advantages, it also has many disadvantages. They are:
- Rayon fabric is not so strong.
- It will get distorted while ironing. When exposed to moisture it will shrink. Hence, it has to be dry cleaned.
- It is manufactured using harmful chemicals.