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'Rabi' in Arabic means

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The season is where the rabi crops are harvested and Baisakhi is celebrated. The crops which are grown in the winter season are called Rabi crops.

Complete answer:
The time period of these crops is generally from October to March. The term is derived from the Arabic word for spring which is used in the subcontinent where it is spring harvest. The major Rabi crops in India are wheat ,barley mustard ,sesame and peas.The crops are sown around mid November mostly after monsoon and the harvesting begins in April . The crops are grown either with rainwater that has stayed in the ground or using irrigation facilities. Now let's see the options:

Autumn: Kharif crops are harvested during autumn thus this option is incorrect.

Summer: Usually zaid crops are harvested in summers hence this is incorrect.

Spring: Rabi crops are harvested during the spring season and hence this option is correct.

Rain: Rabi crops are sown in the rainy season not harvested hence this is an incorrect option.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: Rabi crops constitute many major crops of India and are important in maintaining buffer stock for the food security of the nation. The various fruits which come under rabi crops are banana ,date, grape ,grapefruit ,guava lemon, lime ,orange ,mangoes and mulberries. These have a huge market in India and abroad and contribute significantly towards India's agriculture export basket.