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Quotes and Slogans on Consumer Rights Can Anybody Give Me?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Consumer means any person who (1) buys property for consideration that has been paid or promised or partially paid for, etc. (2) who engages in services for consideration that has been paid or promised or partially paid, etc.

"Every person is a consumer at any time in one way or another", that is, every person is a consumer since birth and birth.

The Committee of Molony on Consumer Protection has defined the term "consumer - anyone who buys goods for personal use or takes on lease." Later, this definition was changed. It included the telephone consumer, the electronic consumer, the tenant, the patents and the policyholders in the consumer list of the Consumer Protection Act 1986.     

Consumer Protection Act protect the rights of consumers as follows:

• The right to be protected against the marketing of dangerous goods for life and property

• The right to be informed about the quality, quantity , power, purity, standard and price of goods in order to protect the consumer against unfair commercial practices   

• The right to be insured to the extent possible, access to a variety at competitive prices

• The right to be heard and to be assured that consumer interest will be given due consideration at the appropriate forum.

• The right to seek compensation against unfair commercial practices or unscrupulous exploitation   

• Right to consumer education

Prior to the enactment of the Consumer Protection Act 1986, all laws in this regard were prohibitionist and punishable, but on the other hand, this 1986 Act and the consumer protection rules MP are probative, recognizable and compensatory.     

The objectives of this law are to protect the consumer rights listed above. The purpose of the provision according to this act and the rules is also to protect the consumer against cheating and against the supply of any merchandise that is below the standard quality, quantity, purity and potency. With regard to the provisions of this law, they can protect the rights of consumers. Unfortunately, consumers are not aware of these provisions and therefore do not benefit from the protection guaranteed by this law.

It is true that consumers can go to the lower court to protect themselves against the abusive practices of businessmen or institutions whether public or private. But due to lack of consumer education, consumers are not aware of their rights and the provisions of this law to protect their rights by complaining to the competent authorities for the return of their compliments.

Despite all the provisions of this law on consumer protection, consumers find the soles powerless. They are deceived everywhere in buying consumer goods or getting a service. It has been six years since the enactment of this law, even though the proper implementation of this law is not the only one. Therefore, it is urgent to mobilize the implementation of this law in the courts. Consumer protection committees need to be organized. Consumer education should be passed on to all through radio, television, newspapers and schools and colleges.        


This will increase consumer awareness. They will fight for their consumer rights. Disputes in this regard are decided efficiently and quickly. For example, the law on consumer protection will succeed in protecting the rights of consumers.