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PVC is an example of
A. Polythene
B. Thermoplastic
C. Thermosetting plastic
D. Acrylic

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Hint: PVC i.e. poly vinyl chloride .
Thermoplastic is a material usually a plastic polymer which becomes more soft when heated and hard when cooled.

Complete step by step answer: Thermoplastics are those Polymers in which the intermolecular forces of attraction are more than elastomers and less than those of fibres . They are linear chain or slightly branched chain Polymers with little or no cross links . When we heat the thermoplastics they become soft and they become hard on cooling .
PVC is a thermoplastic made of $57\% $ chlorine and $43\% $ carbon.
It is produced by the polymerization of the vinyl chloride monomer i.e
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PVC has many uses. It is used in the making of pipes, medical devices , cable insulation and other things because of its low cost it is economical and versatile . A thermoplastic polymer which is widely used in the building and construction industry . Its versatility is because of its lightweight ,durable nature , easy process ability and other things . Nowadays Traditional building materials like metal rubber wood are replaced by PVC
So, (B) is the correct option.

Additional Information: We can modify PVC by chlorination which in turn causes its chlorine content to or above $67\% $ The reason why PVC pipes are used in sewage piping systems is that PVC is chemically resistant . It is chemically resistant to bases , acids , alcohols and fats , which makes it resistant to the corrosive effect of sewage .

Note: Initially polyvinyl chloride is extremely stiff and hard even when hot but if we want to make soft for remoulding purposes we can add di - n - butylphthalate which makes it soft and Rubber like.