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What is the purpose of KMT? This question has multiple correct options.
A. It is a model used to explain the behaviour of matter.
B. To describe intermolecular forces.
C. It explains what temperature measures.
D. It is a model for crystalline structures of solids.

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Hint: As we know that KMT is called as Kinetic Molecular Theory, which describes the microscopic properties of atoms and interactions that take place in between them, that leads to various observable properties (like temperature, pressure).

Complete answer:
- Let’s discuss about some of the postulates of Kinetic Molecular Theory:
- According to KMT matter is found to be made up of particles that are constantly in motion. We call this energy in motion as kinetic energy.
- Each substance possesses some amount of kinetic energy which is related to its temperature.
- It is found that there is space present in between particles. And the amount of space in between particles is related to the state of matter or substance changes.
- There are intermolecular forces present in between the particles that are basically attractive forces. And as the particles get closer together, the strength of these forces increase.
- There are various phase changes seen when the temperature of the substance is changed.

- Hence, we can conclude that the correct options are (a) and (b), that is the purpose of KMT is to explain the behaviour of matter and to describe intermolecular forces.

Note: - We can see that this theory basically helps us to explain how matter can change from one phase to another and why matter is found to exist in different phases (liquid, solid and gas).
- It is also found that Kinetic Molecular Theory is used to explain Boyle’s and Charles laws.