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What is the probability of an impossible event?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint- Probability is defined as the ratio of number of favorable outcomes to the total number of outcomes. For an impossible event the total number of favorable outcomes is zero.

Since, we know that for an impossible event number of favorable outcomes $ = 0$
So, the probability of an impossible event is

= \dfrac{{{\text{number of favorable events}}}}{{{\text{total number of events}}}} \\
= \dfrac{0}{{{\text{total number of events}}}} \\
= 0 \\
Therefore the probability of an impossible event is zero.

Note- Probability exists on a scale from $0{\text{ to 1}}$ , with $0$being defined as an impossible event
and being $1$defined as a sure event. Everything between $0{\text{ and 1}}$ is possible and with
increasing probability, events become more likely.