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How can we prevent the loss of topsoil?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Pollution is a very major issue of our environment; there are many types of pollution that causes harm to the environment like; water pollution, soil pollution, and air pollution. The soil pollution is caused due to soil erosion.

Complete Answer:
- Soil erosion is a naturally occurring phenomenon that affects all the landforms. This means the loss of topsoil by physical forces like water and wind. The erosion involves three different actions; deposition of soil, movement, and soil detachment.
- Topsoil is rich with organic matter, soil life and most importantly fertility, the loss of topsoil may cause the loss of fertility of the soil. It reduces the cropland productivity and causes pollution of wetlands, lakes, and adjacent watercourses.
- Soil erosion is a slow process that causes serious loss of top soil at an alarming rate. Soil compaction, loss of soil structure, low organic matter, salinisation, poor internal drainage, and soil acidity are some of the serious problems related to soil erosion.
- Now, from the above details we can understand that the topsoil is the upper of A-horizontal soil that consists of humus, litter, and roots of small plants that are embedded with the soil. Loss of topsoil can be prevented by preventing deforestation, preventing excessive gazing of small plants and grasses, and by preventing plantation and increasing vegetational cover.

Note: The soil erosion is the major reason for soil pollution. The soil pollution causes loss in soil fertility, it is also involved in causing pollution in water through the soil near the bank or river and other water bodies.