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Prepare a Pocket Guide on First Aid for your School

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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School is where all students are encouraged to participate in multiple academic and non-academic activities. Places where students learn, play, make friends and enjoy their lives. While they are involved in all kinds of activities, injuries are inevitable. In this case, the school must have implemented some first aid measures to deal with these incidents.     

What is first aid?

First Aid consists of a kit or box containing medications and treatments for basic injuries and health problems. Some of the basic medicines include remedies for mild fevers, headaches, cuts, bruises, pain killers and so on. 

Keeping a first aid box available at school is mandatory for all schools. It's a government directive. Apart from first aid treatments, schools should also have combat facilities like the local ones.   

First aid training

Providing first aid training is also important. School staff should be trained in first aid in case of emergency. It is also important that schools provide first aid training to students at the right time and at the right level. Children or students must understand the importance of first aid training and the same needs must be instilled by parents at home.     

Injuries are inevitable in school and in years of growth, the job of the first aid team is to provide a quick response to all first aid needs.

Some schools also have doctors who are trained in first aid training and also become helpful in the event of serious injury.

What should the first aid kit consist of?

The first aid kit should have all the basic medicines and treatments for the students. Some of the items required in first aid kits are; 

- Plasters or dressings for cuts and bruises

- Paracetamol tablets - in case of fever   

- Anti-septic cream - for minor injuries

- Anti-septic fluid - to clean wounds

- Medications for headaches and body pains

- Medications to treat complaints related to digestion

First aid kits must be kept at the school premises at all times. In fact, if the area of the school is large, it is advisable to place the first aid kits in several places to reach them easily and quickly. 

In addition to this, formal first aid training should be organized for the school staff and the same should be organized for the students.

Having a doctor helps at school if there is a major accident or injury to students during school hours. Schools can also organize certain events and programs for students, staff and parents to raise awareness of the need for a first aid kit at hand. This will result in more aware students, staff and parents. As a result, children's injuries can be treated in the right way and at the right time. A large number of videos and first aid training modules are freely available on the internet and can also be used in the school curriculum for prevention and treatment.