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Premitosis with spindle fibre is called as
A. C-mitosis
B. Eumitosis
C. Polyteny
D. Karyochorisis

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Pre Mitosis is a type of mitosis where inside the nuclear membrane, the spindle apparatus is formed before the nuclear membrane disappears. It can be reported in some protozoans.

Complete answer:
The spindle fibre when formed inside the nucleus, is known to be as the intranuclear mitosis or pre mitosis. It occurs during the type of mitosis called Eumitosis. Eumitosis is a type of mitosis where during the process of prometaphase, the nuclear membrane dissolves so that there remains no distinction between the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm. The chromosomes remain attached to the spindles through their centromeres. The term Eumitosis is used for mitosis in higher plants. Here, the nuclear membrane vanishes after the spindle fibre attached to the chromosomes. C-mitosis can be defined as the artificially induced abortive nuclear division where the number of chromosomes is doubled which is a result of colchicine hormone to the cells. Polyteny is basically a condition of chromosomes where the replication of DNA happens without separating. Polyteny is a special nuclear differentiation reported in larva and the adult Diptera, Protista and angiosperms. Karyochorisis is defined as the process of division of the nuclear membrane of somatic cells. This can be reported in fungi.
Hence, the correct answer is Option (B).

Note: Spindle fibres are cellular structures that are used during the process of cell division. It forms a protein structure that aids in the cell division. They are also called the mitotic spindles. It contains 3% RNA and 97% of proteins.