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What precautions do you take while observing the nucleus in cheek cells in the laboratory?

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Hint: Nucleus and other types of organelles are present in cheek cells. These are eukaryotic cells. Cheek cells easily fall out from the lining of the mouth therefore it is very easy to obtain them for the observation. Methylene blue is a biological strain, using which we can clearly observe and differentiate the distinct parts of a cheek cell.

Complete answer:
-Human cheek cells are the epithelial cells. These are the tissues that line the inner part of the mouth which is known as the basil mucosa and comprises scaly epithelial cells. Cheek cells are dividing every 24 hours and are continuous falls from the body.
-Cheek cells contain a nucleus and many other organelles which easily fall from the mouth lining and are easy for observation.
Precautions we have to take when observing the nucleus in the cells of the cheek are-
1)Taking out the cheek cell in a very gentle manner with the help of a clean toothpick to avoid any type of injury.
2)Before scraping the tissue, the mouth should be cleaned and rinsed if there are any food particles present in the mouth.
3) Place the coverslip softly to avoid the entry of any air bubble.
4) Always remove extra glycerine with the help of blotting paper.
5) Spread a scrap of cheek cells so that they are properly distributed.
6) The glass slide and coverslip both should be cleaned. The microscope used for observation should also be cleaned. If there will be any smudge remove it from the lenses and wipe it down thoroughly.

Additional Information: once the cells have been obtained the following procedure will be taken for the preparation of cheek cell wet mount
1) Put one drop of saline on a clear microscopic slide.
2)In the center of the slide smear the cells for about 4 seconds to get the cells on the center of the slide
3)On this year put one drop of methylene blue and place it with a coverslip on the top of it.
4) with the help of a paper towel or blotting paper, remove the extra solution

Note: Cheek cells include some of the main parts. they are
1)Cell membrane
3)Nucleus at the center of the cells which control all the function of cells.
4)Some of the organelle example mitochondria.