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Position of protoxylem and protophloem in leaf respectively is
A)Abaxial and Adaxial
B)Adaxial and Abaxial
C)Both Adaxial
D)Both abaxial

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: A dorsiventral leaf is a configuration that has a noticeable dorsal (upper) texture and ventral (lower) texture established in dicots. Xylem behaves as a transporter of mineral and water salt from the roots to various slabs of the plant, whereas phloem behaves as transportation of sucrose and amino acids from the leaves to various portions of the plant.

Complete answer:
In dorsiventral or dicot leaf, the midrib or doctrine vein talks to the vascular factions. In this, xylem is accessible towards the upper epidermis and phloem existing towards the deeper epidermis. These are security, conjoint, shut the circumstance of protoxylem, and metaxylem is not implied specifically.

A dorsiventral leaf, which is accessible at a perimeter to the doctrine pivot and contrary (ordinary) to daylight heading, has two apparent surfaces, the upper or inner or adaxial or ventral and the outer or abaxial or dorsal. The upper and deeper epidermis is concluded of compactly organized, barrel-formed cells with no intercellular rooms and a fingernail membrane on both the layers.

Veins speak to the vascular bundles that are established sporadically dispersed in the bright parenchyma of mesophyll with the largest and the most developed one at emphasis, called midrib vein. The metaxylem is accessible on similar sides. Phloem is accessible towards the deeper epidermis with protophloem on the abaxial texture.

The adaxial/abaxial of the maize leaves are arranged in the meristem and are in this way kept up all through leaf modification.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: 1.A Leaf with both abaxial aspects will be off from one another or meeting endlessly from the pivot. The texture is matte, deep green, and trichome bad.
2.Light catching is the area of the adaxial or upper surface and the abaxial or deeper texture is particular for gas exchange.