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What is the position of Germanium(Ge) in the modern periodic table?

Last updated date: 14th Jun 2024
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Hint: The periodic table is defined as a tabular array of the chemical elements organized by atomic numbers, from the element starting with the lowest atomic number, hydrogen, to the element with the highest atomic number, Oganesson. The atomic number of an element is defined as the number of protons present in the nucleus of an atom of that element.

Complete Solution :
- A periodic table consists of seven horizontal rows and 18 vertical groups.
- Germanium is primarily mined with zinc ore additionally like argyrodite, germanite, and coal in line with the Los Alamos National Laboratory. consistent with Chemistry Explained, germanium is mined in Alaska, Tennessee, China, the UK, Ukraine, Russia and Belgium.
- Now germanium is present in period 4 and group 14 of the periodic table between gallium and arsenic.
The Electronic configuration of germanium is : $[Ar]3{{d}^{10}}4{{s}^{2}}4{{p}^{2}}$
- Some properties of Pure germanium are they are hard, lustrous, gray-white, brittle metalloid. It has a kind of diamond like crystalline structure and it is similar in chemical and physical properties to silicon. Germanium is stable in air and water, and remains unaffected by alkalis and acids, except nitric acid.

Note: The largest use of germanium is in the semiconductor industry as it is used in manufacturing of germanium. When doped with small amounts of arsenic, gallium, indium, antimony or phosphorus, germanium can be used to make transistors which are used in electronic devices. Germanium is also used to create alloys and as a phosphor in manufacturing of fluorescent lamps.