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Please Write an Essay on Disaster Management 

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Disaster management refers to the response to an emergency. Due to its unique geographical conditions, India is prone to natural disasters. Some of the major natural disasters that India has often faced are floods, landslides, earthquakes, droughts, storms, and so on. Each year, some areas of the country are facing these dire situations and the government is taking steps to manage these disasters.   

Due to natural disasters, our country suffers enormous losses of public and private property and many lives are also lost during severe natural disasters.

Let's look at some of the major natural disasters of recent years in India. These natural disasters were so severe that they affected thousands of people. 

1999 - Orissa Cyclone

In 1999, a super cyclone struck the coast of the Indian state of Orissa, killing several people and leaving thousands homeless. The loss of public and private properties was in millions. 

2001 - Bhuj Earthquake in Gujarat     

A trembling earth hit the serious condition of the West on India in Gujarat, which was the one of the main quake land registered on the richter scale in the history of the country.   


2004 - Tsunami

The states of southern India have faced waves of high-intensity tsunami sweeping the entire coastal region. The tsunami has also severely affected other South Asian countries, leaving thousands of people dead and billions of dollars worth of public and private property damaged and lost. 

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) was created by the Indian National Government to respond quickly to disasters caused by nature or otherwise. The National Disaster Management Academy has been equipped with all the tools and training needed to provide disaster relief. 

For many years, the National Disaster Management Authority has dealt with natural disasters, but it needs to be regularly updated with modern equipment to handle disaster situations much more effectively.

Why natural disasters happen?

If not all, but some of the natural disasters were due to infrastructure developments. Several jungles have been cut to build cities and industries. The river belts have been modified to ensure that development in the neighboring region is faster. Pollution becomes a major problem that negatively affects the environment. Pollution in the form of solid, liquid and gas harms the environment at an alarming rate. If these development problems are not dealt with tactfully, we will create a serious imbalance in the global environment that will cause global warming and increase the frequency of natural disasters.   


Whatever the modernity of our response to natural disasters, if we are unable to create a balance in our environment, we will face the dullness of nature.

In summary, it is important to modernize our response to disaster management by purchasing equipment, training and state or art techniques. However, it will be much wiser to reduce the natural imbalance to reduce natural disasters.