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Plastic can be used as
C.Both A and B
D.None of these

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Plastics are the material which is made up of natural things like cellulose , coal, natural gas and salt . plastics cause harmful effects like pollution , threats to animals as if they consume they may face serious health problems because plastics cannot be digestible by them .

Complete answer:
Plastics are artificially made by humans . According to the question plastics are the bad conductor of electricity due to which we can say that plastics are insulators . plastics do not have free electrons or mobile electrons which can conduct electricity, due to this they are poor conductors .

So the option A is correct .

Additional information:
Plastics are low cost , durable , strong , resistant to corrosion ,chemical reactions resistant , easy to manufacture.
There are many types of plastic :
Thermoplastic-They are made up of chains of molecules which are lightly cross linkage .They are made by addition polymerization .It has low molecular weight.
Thermosetting plastics- They are made up of lines of molecules and they are heavily cross linked. They are formed by condensation polymerization. It has high molecular weight.
The bond between the atoms decides the conductivity. covalent bonds are formed by nonmetals covalent bonds are formed by sharing of electrons due to which they are unable to formation of ions . whereas in case of ionic bonds formed by transferring of electrons from one atom to another so they are capable of formation of ions and thus conduct electricity .

Atoms which are present in all substances have electrons and protons. These are called charged particles which cause movement while conducting electricity . when the charge particle starts moving in an orderly manner the substance becomes conductive .