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Plants grow in saline water are known as
A. Lithophytes
B. Halophytes
C. Mesophytes
D. Xerophytes

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Hint: Some plants grow in sunlight but some grow in shade. Some need a little amount of water while some need excess of water. Some plants are specific to the area and temperature. They can sometimes adapt themselves to the environment with evolution.

Complete answer: Every plant has its certain features. They best develop in their favourite and best conditions. They have various requirements like water, sunlight, air etc.
Let us learn about the terms in the options.
Option A. Lithophytes: Plants that grow on rocks or stones are lithophytes. For example- algae, ferns, some orchids etc. They take nutrients from the rainwater and nearby decaying plants.
Option B. Halophytes: Salt-tolerant Plants that means that can grow in soil with high salt content are called halophytes. For example- mangrove swamps, marshes etc. They do so by cellular sequestration, that is they can sequester toxic ions within the cell walls.
Option C. Mesophytes: Those plants which need a moderate amount of water to survive are mesophytes. For example- maize, clover, daisy etc. They grow in sunny, forested areas. They have no special adaptations.
Option D. Xerophytes: Plants growing in the area where there is very less water are xerophytes. They do not need much water for their survival. For example-cacti, pineapple etc. They are usually found in desert and semi-desert areas.

So the answer is option B: Halophytes

Note: Plants entrap the sunlight in their plastids to perform photosynthesis. The sunlight is converted into mechanical energy which is used for performing their tasks. Plants do photosynthesis both day and night but the rate decreases in the night.
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