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How is pinnately compound leaf different from palmately compound leaf?

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Hint:The leaves are the important organ of the plants which helps the plants to prepare its own food by the process of photosynthesis. The arrangement of the leaf and its structure varies for different types of plants. And the leaves are classified into pinnately and palmately compound leaves based on the leaflet’s arrangement.

Complete answer:

Characteristicspinnately compound leafpalmately compound leaf
Outline The leaves have the feathery outline and it looks similar to that of the feather.The leaf is in the shape of the palm.
Axis of petioleThey have an elongated axis of the leaflets.They have short axes.
Point of attachment of leafletsLeaflets are attached to the petiole or the midrib and The leaflets are joined at a common point on the leaves and are present in the tip of the plants.
Arrangement of leafletsThe leaflets are present in two rows.Many leaflets are clustered together at a single point.
Joint of leafletsThere is no joint between the leaflets and the midrib of the leaves.There is the joint found between the attachment point of the leaflet and the leaflet.
Name of leafletsThe row of leaflets occurs on either side of the petiole called as rachis.Many leaflets especially five leaflets which originate from a single point of attachment.
ExampleThe example for this kind of leaf is neem.The example for this type of leaf is silk cotton, tapioca etc.

Note:The example of the pinnately compound leaves is cassia, fistula, neem etc. And the example for the palmately compound leaves are cannabis, callotrops, cucumber, papaya, cucumber etc. When compared to the pinnately compound leaf, palmately compound leaves offer more surface area for photosynthesis.
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How is pinnately compound leaf different from palmately compound leaf?

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