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Petro crops are plants
A) Grown near oil fields
B) Used in refining crude oil
C) Whose fossil remains formed crude oil
D) From which petrol like fuels can be derived

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Hint: Petro crops are hydrocarbon producing plants and this hydrocarbon can be converted into high molecular weight transportation fuels.

Complete answer : To answer this question at first, we have to know what are petro crops and what is the property of petro crops. The oil crisis during World War 2nd had led the Italians and the French to switch over to petro plants for petroleum production. The thick milky latex, extracted from Euphorbia Abyssinia was used in gasoline refineries. Petro crops are the latex containing plants like euphorbia and oil palms rich in hydrocarbons can yield oil-like substances under high temperature and pressure. The oils which are produced are used directly to operate diesel engines. These are the plants which provide liquid hydrocarbons as a substitute of liquids fuel. Examples of petro crops are gopher plants, milk bush, milkweed etc. are the important petro crops.
In the given options, as from the above explanation it is concluded that petro crops are the plants that produce petroleum compounds as a supplement to petrol.

Thus, the correct answer is option D. i.e., from which petrol like fuels can be derived.

Notes:There is an increased dependence on petroleum products and it impose economic and social burdens on the development of substitute supplies of hydrocarbons. Cultivation of petroleum is also a part of energy cropping, cultivation of these petro crops was first done by all Italians. The petro crops were first identified by Dr. Calvin.