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Pecten, a comb-like structure occurs in the eye of _____

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Pecten is the comb-like the structure of the blood vessels present in the eye. It is present in the choroid area of the eye. It is also known as the pecten oculi. It is non-sensory in nature and is also pigmented.

Complete answer:
Pecten is also called the pecten oculi. It is present in the eye of the birds. Pecten is usually a comb-like structure of the blood vessels. It is present in the choroid region of the eye. Pecten is known to be non-sensory and is also a pigmented structure. It projects into the vitreous body of the eye. The mammals have thin retinas and the birds have thick retinas present. the birds do not have the retinal blood vessels present to supply blood to the eye. So, there is a presence of pecten which helps in the supply of nutrition to the bird’s eye. It also helps in the formation of the blood-retina barrier in the eye. There are three different types of the pecten found in the birds according to their morphology which are conical, vaned, and pleated types. The pleated type is the most common in the birds. The conical type can be seen in kiwis and the vaned type can be only found in the ostriches.
So, the correct answer is ‘birds’.
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Note: Pecten is also called the pecten oculi. Pecten is the highly vascular part of the eye. It is a characteristic feature of the eye of the birds. It is located above the optic nerve head and projects from the retina into the vitreous body.