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Parenchymatous cells filling the space, between dermal and vascular tissue is
A. Ground tissue
B. Epidermal tissue
C. Pith
D. Vascular bundles

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Hint: Parenchyma is a kind of simple tissue which forms the major component within the plants. Parenchyma cells can develop into different types of tissues that perform different functions. These are the plant cells having a thin cell wall and less intercellular spaces. Parenchymatous cells are generally round or oval shaped.

Complete answer:
> Option A:
Ground tissue contains all types of cells/tissues that are neither dermal tissue nor vascular tissue and they have thin primary cell walls and remain alive after they mature. This tissue system constitutes the main bulk of the plant body. So it is also called a fundamental tissue system. Various tissues like parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma are present in this tissue. Ground tissue also contains parenchyma cells. Thus ground tissue is the correct option.

> Option B:
Epidermal tissue is the outermost tissue of is the protoderm layer of cells for the stem, root, leaf, flower, etc. since the vascular tissue is the present inner part of the plants and epidermal tissue present outside so this option is wrong.

> Option C:
Pith is called medulla also and present in the young plants. Pith is commonly composed of parenchymatous cells. It occupies the central part of the stem, dicot roots, and monocot roots. It is replaced by xylem in mature, this option is wrong.

> Option D:
Vascular bundles are composed of vascular tissues that are xylem and phloem. These are complex permanent tissue concerned with the conduction of materials and water throughout the plants. So, this option is wrong.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: In the monocot stem, ground tissue lacks zonation. It is not differentiated into cortex and pith in leaves of dicot/monocot plants. It contains a thin-walled chloroplast, which is called mesophyll. Ground tissue system generally contains parenchymatous cells with the exception of some regions where collenchymatous and sclerenchymatous cells are found.