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Oxygen from the atmosphere is used up in processes, namely
A) Combustion
B) Respiration
C) In the form of oxides of nitrogen
D) All of the above

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Hint:Oxygen is one of the most important elements of the Earth's atmosphere. It is consumed by every living creature in every natural process.

Complete answer:
It is one of the main processes which happens when any of the natural materials, including plastics, wood and fossil fuels are burned within the sight of oxygen and releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Respiration – It is the physical cycle, through which every single living life forms, including animals, plants and humans breathe in oxygen from the external environment into the cells of a living being and breathe out carbon dioxide back into the environment.

Oxides of nitrogen are formed in combustion processes, halfway from nitrogen compounds in the fuel, however generally by direct reaction of atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen on fire. Nitrogen oxides are produced normally by lightning, and furthermore, to some extent, by microbial cycles in soils.
Therefore, oxygen from the atmosphere is used up in every process.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D) All of the above.

Additional Information: Other processes that consume oxygen-
>Rusting: This process requires oxygen. It is the development of oxides which is additionally called oxidation. In this cycle, metals like iron or amalgam rust when they are presented to dampness and oxygen for an extended timeframe and new components of oxides are produced by the blend of oxygen with the metal.
>Decomposition: It is one of the common and most significant mechanisms in the oxygen cycle and happens when an organism dies. The dead creature or plants rot into the ground, and the organic matter alongside the oxygen, carbon, water and different parts are returned into the air and soil. This cycle is completed by the invertebrates, including microbes, fungi and a few insects which are called as the decomposers. The whole cycle requires oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.

Note:As per Earth's history, oxygen gas was first presented by cyanobacteria through the cycle of photosynthesis. Prior, around 4.6 billion years back, there was no life on planet earth because the environment was without oxygen. Afterward, there was a steady expansion in the oxygen levels and by the Carboniferous Period-299 million years prior, oxygen arrived at the levels that were like the present evaluations. Now, oxygen is freely accessible all around, and dissolved in water also. It is the second most plentiful gas present in the air. Around 21% of the atmosphere is secured by oxygen.