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Ovary is said to be half inferior In which of the following conditions
a) Hypogynous flower
b) Epigynous flower
c) Perigynous flower

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Hint: For Sexual reproduction in plants, the organ on the plant is Flower. It has 4 parts, calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium. The gynoecium is a female reproductive part and it is the one that contains ovaries. Androecium is made of stamens and it is the male reproductive organ in the flower of a plant.

Complete Answer:
As we have discussed the parts of the flower, the flowers are described in various ways based upon the position of calyx, corolla, androecium with respect to gynoecium and ovaries. They are:
1. Hypogynous flower: In this type of flower, the gynoecium is situated above the other parts i.e. calux, corolla and androecium. It occupies the highest position and the ovary is called a superior ovary.
Ex: Mustard
2. Epigynous flower: The margin of the thalamus in these flowers fuses with the ovary and encloses it. The other parts of the flower will arise above the ovary. This type of ovary is known as an inferior ovary.
Ex cucumber.
3. Perigynous flowers: In these kinds of flowers, the ovary and the other parts of the flower are located at the same level. The gynoecium is present at centre and the other parts on the rim of thalamus. This type of ovary is called as half inferior or half superior ovary
Ex: plum

Hence, the correct answer is option C) Perigynous flowers in which the ovary is said to be half inferior.

The flower has four different kinds of whorls which are arranged on the thalamus. Thalamus is the swollen end of the stalk of the flower which is also known as receptacle. The stalk of the flower is also known as pedicel. In angiosperms Or the flowering plants, the flower is the reproductive structure.