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Out of the following, choose the correct path of urine in our body.
(a) Kidney→ ureter→ urethra →urinary bladder
(b) Kidney →urinary bladder →urethra→ ureter
(c) Kidney →ureter→ urinary bladder →urethra
(d) Urinary bladder →kidney→ ureter →urethra

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Hint: Animals accumulate various substances by metabolic activities and these substances have to be removed totally or partially. The process for the removal of nitrogenous waste of metabolism from the body is called excretion. Nitrogenous waste of different animals depends upon their habitat which excretes out in the form of ammonia, urea, and uric acid.

Complete answer:
The human excretory system consists of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra, and the process of formation of urine starts from the kidney, and excretion of urine takes place from the urethra. Humans are ureotelism and excretion takes place in the form of urea which causes less loss of body water.

Additional Information: The kidney is a browned color bean-shaped structure, which measures 120-170g in weight. The right kidney is lower than the left kidney due to the presence of the liver. The kidney has a notch called hilum which is located on the inner side. Hilum forms the entry of the renal artery and nerves. Inner to the kidney there is the outer dark region cortex and inner lighter region medulla, the medulla is divided into conical areas medullary pyramids. Kidneys have 2-3 major calyces which open into funnel shape structure renal pelvis, this pelvis connected with the opening of the ureter.
The ureter of each kidney is about 25 to 30 in length, which is a narrow, whitish, tubular structure located at the abdominal wall which opens into the urinary bladder. It carries urine from a kidney to the urinary bladder.
The urinary bladder is a pear-shaped muscular structure present in the pelvic cavity with the presence of a thick muscular defensible wall that allows expansion. The bladder and urethra join in an area called the internal sphincter and external sphincter which are controlled by voluntary muscles. The urinary bladder temporarily stores urine.
The urethra is a canal shaped structure that starts from the urinary bladder and ends exteriorly. In the female, it carries only urine while in the male it carries both urine and semen.
So, the correct answer is Kidney→ ureter→ urinary bladder→ urethra.

Note: Due to improper excretion of urine renal calculi form which is also known as kidney stones. This stone formation in the kidney is in the form of crystallized salts, which give rise to colic pain. In severe cases, it becomes toxic and leads to the formation of various types of diseases or kidney failure.