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Our hair and nails contain
A) Calcium
B) Fluorine
C) Phosphorus
D) Protein

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Hint: Hairs are the filament that is found in the dermis of the skin. Hair is the characteristic feature of mammals. It is made up of a biomolecule and is composed of keratin.

Complete answer:
We all are aware of the fact that hair keeps our body warm by preserving heat and also protects our body. Similarly, nails also protect our fingertips and toe tips from damage and injury.
The hairs are present throughout the body. Hair present in our nose, ears and around the eyes protect them from dust and small particles. Also, hair present on eyebrows and eyelashes protect them from intensive light and particles and do not let them go inside.

The growth of hair is possible due to the formation of new cells at the base of the root. These cells move upwards through the skin as new cells form at the base due to which old cells do not get nourishment and they start forming a new layer of protein called keratin and become dead. Keratin is an alpha protein that is less prone to treating and scratching.

Nails grow from the skin’s deep folds of the finger and toes. Epidermal cells of the skin below the root of nail move upward to the surface and increases in number due to the pressure of nail root and these cells become thin plate which piles together to form the nail. Nails also get keratinized in the same way as hair gets.
Calcium: It is an important biomolecule that is present in the bones and teeth.
Fluorine: It is also present in bones and teeth. It plays a vital role in the solidification of bones and teeth.
Phosphorus: It is an important component of DNA and RNA. It is also present in teeth and bones.
Thus, hair and nails are having a protein called keratin in them. Thus the correct answer is (D) i.e, protein.

Note: Hair and nails are part of the human exoskeleton system. And the main function of the exoskeleton in every organism is to protect the body from outer damage and injury. The nails in the animals can also be used for killing the prey.