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Osmoscope is used for
(a)Measuring TP (turgor pressure)
(b)Measuring OP (osmotic pressure)
(c)Measuring W (water potential)
(d)Demonstrating osmosis

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Hint: It is a special type of process of movement of solvent from an area of a higher number to an area of lower number through a semipermeable membrane until the number of molecules on both sides is equal.

Complete answer:
Osmoscope is an instrument used for the measurement of osmosis. The instrument contains a beaker into which a semipermeable membrane. The inner of the semipermeable membrane contains a solution in which the solute (that is dissolved in the liquid or solvent) is more in number than the solvent. At the outer sides of the semipermeable membrane, the only solvent is placed to witness the process of movement of solvent where it is more in number to the solution, where the solvent is less in number.
Example of potato osmoscope: Peel off the skin of a large-sized potato with the help of a scalpel. Cut its one end to make its base flat. Make a hollow cavity in the potato almost up to the bottom, Put the sugar solution into the cavity and mark the level by inserting a pin in the wall of the cavity of the potato. Place the potato in a beaker containing water. After sometime, it will be noticed that the level in the cavity rises. It is due to the phenomenon of osmosis. The experiments demonstrate that living cells of potato act as a differentially permeable membrane.
So, the correct answer is, ‘Demonstrating osmosis.’
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Note: The other definition of osmosis can be the migration of solvent from a hypotonic solution (having a lower number of molecules of solute) to the hypertonic solution (having a higher number of molecules of solute) through a semipermeable membrane to keep the number of molecules on both sides equal.