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Organ of Corti occurs in
a. Internal ear
b. Middle ear
c. External ear
d. In between internal ear and middle ear

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Organ of Corti is also called a spiral organ, this is nothing but the strip of epithelial cells, which helps in the transduction of auditory signals to nerve impulse or electrochemical signals, or action potential.

Complete answer:
- This organ of Corti is located in the Scala media, which is in the Cochlea of the inner ear, that too in between the vestibular and tympanic duct.
- This organ of Corti has some type of mechanosensory cells, which are also called as hair cells.
- These hair cells are found in the basilar membrane which is present in 3 rows.
- Where the outer row is called outer hair, and the inner row called inner hair, where these both are separated by dieters cells or they also called Phalangeal cells.
- At the top of hair cells, they have projections called stereocilia, and this is shorter in the outer row and longer in the inner row.

- The main function of the organ of Corti is to transduction the auditory signals to a nerve impulse.
- Whenever there is a vibration they are transducted to the inner ear, from the inner ear the vibrations are transduced to the cochlea where there is a displacement of cochlear fluid takes place.
- This movement or displacement in the cochlear fluid results in the movement of hair on the membrane of the organ of Corti.
- Where the hair cells of the organ of Corti produce an electrochemical signal or nerve signal or action potential.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: Organ of Corti, along with auditory transduction, it also has one other function such as cochlear application, where the organ of Corti modulates the auditory signal, the outer hair cells amplify the auditory signals by a process called electromotility.