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Opium, opiates, and heroin are obtained from which of the following?
(a) Thea
(b) Theobroma
(c) Papaver
(d) Cannabis

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Hint: Opium, opiates, and heroin all are plant-based latex and drugs, but they may contain chemical compounds as well. opium is derived from dried seeds of a certain plant from which the latex leaks out. opium is later processed chemically to produce heroin and other opiates.

Complete step by step answer:
Opium, opiates, and heroin substances are derived from the parts of Papaver somniferum. Opium is a dried latex derived from the seeds. Opiate is a drug derived from the juice of the poppy Papaver somniferum. Heroin is another drug made from the resin of the same plant.
So, the correct answer is, 'Papaver.'

Additional Information: Let us know more about these drugs made from Papaver-:
- Opium: These are derived from the seed coat of the plant Papaver somniferum also called papaver. It is a dried latex. This also contains opiates codeine and thebaine and some nonanalgesic alkaloids.
- Opiate: It is a substance derived from opium. It is also called opioids. These are alkaloid compounds found naturally in the papaver plants. Morphine, codeine, and thebaine are its psychoactive compounds.
- Heroin: It is a highly active and illegal drug derived from the resin of poppy flowers i.e. papaver flowers. It is usually injected but can be taken by smoking and inhaling. The main psychoactive compound in heroin is the diacetylmorphine.
Here's some information about the given sources-
- Thea: These are flowering plants found mainly in eastern and southern Asia. It is used mainly to produce green tea.
- Theobroma: Theobroma cacao is the plant that gives us chocolates. The seeds of these plants are known as cacao beans and are used in making cocoa chocolate and cocoa butter.
- Papaver: Papaver somnifera is also known as the poppy plant is found in cold regions. The crude materials derived from the poppy plant are highly poisonous at any dose. But they are still used to make illegal and narcotic drugs like heroin.
- Cannabis: Cannabis plants are used to produce a psychoactive drug called marijuana. It is used for medical purposes but some people use it illegally as a narcotic.

Note: Papaver and Cannabis plants produce two narcotic drugs Opium (heroin) and cannabis (marijuana). Marijuana is used legally for medicinal purposes. The other two plants, Thea and Theobroma give us green tea and chocolate. Both of these are used popularly for human welfare.