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When the operation blackboard started?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Operation blackboard has been initiated by the central government to exploit technology to improve quality education in the country.

Complete answer:
A. No prominent events occurred in 1985 regarding operation blackboard

B. Operation Blackboard is a nationally sponsored programme that began in 1987 directly after the publication of the Rajiv Gandhi National Education Policy (NPE) in 1986 to provide the bare minimum critical facilities to all elementary schools in the country. One of the important objectives of the education system is to make universalization of primary education. Free and compulsory education for ages up to 14yrs is included in the guiding principle of the Indian constitution.

The key objectives of the blackboard operation were
-to increase the standard of primary education
-to reduce the incidence of waste and stagnation
-to draw more children particularly young children to the primary education sector in order to realize the dream of education for all. The scheme is based on having at least two classrooms in each primary school, the other requirements are toilets specifically for girls and boys, the recruitment of female teachers to at least fifty per cent of the total teachers and a set of highly necessary teaching aids.

C. No prominent events occurred in 1989 regarding operation blackboard

D. No prominent events occurred in 1990 regarding operation blackboard

Therefore, the correct answer is B

The Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) recently approved a resolution to take action for the operation of the blackboard operation of the Interactive Board in 1987. It began with the goal of supplying all primary schools with minimal basic facilities. The idea of a digital board operation is aimed at delivering quality digital education in all schools. This will provide schools with new tools and new ways of teaching and learning. It will be introduced with the participation of the Central and State governments, CSIR and community support.