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On hydrolysis of \[{P_4}{O_6}\] with hot water, following products are obtained?
A.\[{H_3}P{O_3}{\text{ and P}}{{\text{H}}_3}\]
B.\[{H_3}P{O_3}{\text{ }}and{\text{ }}{H_3}P{O_4}\]
C.\[{H_3}P{O_4}{\text{ and P}}{{\text{H}}_3}\]
D.\[{H_4}{P_2}{O_7}{\text{ and }}{{\text{H}}_2}\]

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: Phosphorus trioxide is the colourless liquid or crystal with the molecular formula of \[{P_4}{O_6}\] . It is an anhydride of phosphorus. The melting point of Phosphorus trioxide is \[{23.8^o}C\] and the boiling point is \[{173.1^o}C\].

Complete answer:
To solve this question we need to write the balanced chemical equation to predict the products obtained from \[{P_4}{O_6}\] , Phosphorus trioxide reacting with hot water.
So let’s write the equation first for better understanding:
\[{P_4}{O_6} + 6{H_2}O \to 3{H_3}P{O_4} + P{H_3}\]
This is the complete balanced equation.
So, when Phosphorus trioxide reacts with hot water it produces phosphoric acid and phosphine \[P{H_3}\] .
Therefore, from the given options we can see that the option C is the correct answer.

Phosphine , \[P{H_3}\] is also known as phosphine. It is a colourless gas but is very toxic in nature. It has a very strong pungent odour like garlic or rotten fish. Though it is also found that phosphine is a colourless and odourless gas in its pure form, it gets pungent odour by the combination with substituted phosphine or with diphosphane . Despite its very toxic nature, phosphine is somewhat useful also. Phosphine finds its use in the semiconductor industries. It is used to introduce phosphorus into the silicon. Phosphine is also used as an intermediate product in the manufacturing of several flame retardants. Phosphine is soluble in water and its boiling point is \[ - {87.7^o}C\].