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Observation 1: Try to stop a ball coming towards you,so as to save a boundary, by applying a force of some magnitude in the opposite direction of the motion of the ball. Observation 2: In this case apply the force of the same magnitude but in the same direction of the motion of the ball. In observation 1 boy saves a boundary by applying a force opposite to the direction of motion but in observation 2, the change in direction of force cost the team 4 runs as the change in direction of force pushed the ball further to the boundary. So, the change in effect of a force can be experienced by a change in it's direction as well as magnitude. The above statement is ?

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint:The effect of magnitude and direction on force can easily be understood with a real-life example which includes a round object or by imagining a hypothetical situation through which we can use our intuition and understand the concept.

Complete answer:
Let us first understand the impact of the magnitude of the force on a moving body. When a ball comes towards us, this means the ball has a resultant force in our direction, now our human intelligence is enough to understand that to stop the ball, we need to apply a net force of magnitude which will be enough to cancel the magnitude of the force of the ball. So, magnitude does change the effect of force.

To understand the role of direction, we can perform two acts. First, apply the force of required magnitude in the direction of the ball’s net force and in the second case, apply the same force in the direction opposite to the direction of the net force of the ball. You will see that in the first case, the ball accelerates and moves in the direction it was previously moving. But in the second case, the ball stops. This was because the forces cancel out each other.

Therefore, the above statement is correct that both magnitude and direction has an impact on the effect of force.

Note:If we apply the force in some other direction with the same magnitude, the ball will move in the direction of the resultant force or the net force. So, depending on your intent, you can move the ball in any direction according to your convenience.