How many national parks are in Gujrat?
A) 5
B) 4
C) 21
D) 24

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Hint: A national park is a piece of land set aside by the government for the protection of the environment. A national park may be established for public pleasure and enjoyment, as well as for historical or scientific reasons. In a national park, the majority of the landscapes, as well as the plants and animals that inhabit them, are preserved in their natural state.

Complete answer:
Gujarat is known for its wildlife, which can be found across the state's different landscapes and is home to Asiatic Lions. Gujarat is an area of diverse flora and wildlife, ranging from the dry arid parts of the Rann to the wet meadows and coastal coastlines that border the former princely state. The four national parks in Gujarat are listed below:

i) Gir Forest National Park: Gir Forest National Park has an area of approximately 1412 square kilometres and is known for being the royal home of Asiatic Lions. Because of the presence of several endangered species of flora and animals, the Gir forests have been tended and protected as if they were a child.

ii) Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar: Blackbuck National Park is a 34-square-kilometer park in Gujarat's Bhavnagar district. The national park's main area is semi-arid, and it reaches the Gulf of Khambat's coastline beach at its bottom. The national park is notable for its blackbuck protection and is home to a variety of uncommon animals.

iii) Vansda National Park: The vegetation, animals, and avifauna of Vansda National Park are diverse. The main residents of this wildlife region include hyenas, chowsinghaas, spotted deer, and leopards. This is also where the endangered Giant Indian Squirrel can be found. The forests are also home to barking deer, Indian porcupine, rusty spotted cat, flying squirrel, common palm civet, and jungle cats.

iv) Marine National Park: The Marine National Park in Gujarat's Jamnagar district encompasses an area of around 162 square kilometres. This one-of-a-kind national park is located on the Gulf of Kuchh's shoreline. The principal species of this marine life are sponges, jellyfish, corals, octopus, lobster, dolphins, and pearl oysters.

Therefore the correct answer is option ‘B’.

Note: Gujarat is home to many rare and endangered species, including Asiatic Lions, Wild Asses, and Blackbucks, due to the state's dynamics. Gujarat is a pilgrimage destination for all wildlife and nature lovers, with a magnificent array of creatures to see.