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Name two essential features of a democratic government.

Last updated date: 21st Feb 2024
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Hint: Democracy could be a type of government within which the folks have the authority to settle on their governing legislators. UN agency folks are and the way authority is shared among them are core problems for democratic theory, development and constitution.

Complete answer: Democracy is predicated on sovereignty. folks will exercise their power in a democracy. They elect their representatives. the government remains accountable to the common mass for its every omission and commission.
Federal: It's another feature of Indian democracy. Article one of the Bharat Constitution describes India as a union of states. In keeping with our Constitution, the state’s square measure is autonomous. they need full freedom in sure matters, and in other matters, they're enthusiastic about the center.
Respect for Opinion of Minority: In a very democratic got wind of majority rules however opinions of minorities also are given respect. they're inspired to allow their opinion. Democracy being a government by free discussion and criticism encourages each of the positive and negative aspects of any proposal. the bulk should tolerate the opinion of the minority otherwise democracy can degenerate into totalitarianism.

Note: Democracy relies on political equality. It means that all voters no matter caste, creed, religion, race, or sex at thought of to be equal before the law and revel in equal political rights. Political equality offers the correct vote for each subject. In a democratic set-up, the actual government is allotted with the assistance of the party that obtains the bulk of votes. Support of the majority is accepted by all.