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Name the plant group a plant with a nine petals belong to?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: A gaggle of petals is named the corolla. Corolla is constituted of the second set of the floral organs. Petals are generally thin, delicate, brightly colored, and sometimes it gives a sweet-smelling taste. This makes the flowers so much conspicuous, showy, and also it looks attractive.

Complete answer:
The flower which has nine petals (a multiple of three) is the characteristic of the Monocot group.
There are approximately 60,000 species of monocots, including the foremost economically important of all plant families, Poaceae (true grasses), and therefore the largest of all plant families, Orchidaceae (orchids). Other prominent monocot families include Liliaceae (lilies), Arecaceae (palms), and Iridaceae (irises).
A group of flowering plants belonging to the category Liliopsida (or Monocotyledonae) of Angiospermae (angiosperms), characterized by having just one cotyledon within the seed and an endogenous manner of growth. Samples of monocotyledonous plants are the palms, grasses, orchids, and lilies.
Monocot are often identified by their flower parts. The flower parts on a monocot plant are available multiples of 3. Monocot leafs are in parallel or up and down of the veins in its structure. Monocot stems have scattered vascular bundles.

Monocot roots are fibrous, meaning they form a good network of thin roots that originate from the stem and stay on the brink of the surface of the soil. In contrast, dicots have “taproots,” meaning they form one thick root that grows deep into the soil and has smaller, lateral branches.