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Name the method you shall use to separate two immiscible liquids.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: “Immiscible liquids are those which won't mix to give a single phase. Oil and water are examples of immiscible liquids. One floats on top of the other”.

Complete step by step answer:
We know that the property of immiscibility is going to depend on the polarity of the liquids.
-If two liquids are polar in nature they will miscible in one another very easily.
-If two liquids are non-polar then also they will miscible very easily.
-If one liquid is polar and the other liquid is non-polar they won’t miscible very easily and then they are called immiscible liquids.
-But it is not that much easy to separate the two immiscible liquids.
-There is a separate technique to separate those immiscible liquids.
The name of the instrument which is used to separate two immiscible liquids is called as separating funnel.
seo images

-By using the separating funnel we can easily separate two immiscible liquids.
-We have to take the two immiscible liquids into the separating funnel and close the separating funnel with a knob and leave it for a few minutes till the two layers separated.
-In the picture itself it shows that the kerosene and water are two immiscible liquids separated.
-The kerosene floats on the surface of water.
-After separation of two immiscible layers remove the knob and collect the layers separately by using a stopcock..
-First by using the stopcock we can collect the water and then kerosene in two separate beakers.

Don’t be confused with the words polar and non-polar.
Polar means the chemicals which are soluble in water are called polar.
Non-polar means the chemicals which are not soluble in water are called as non-polar.