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Name the following:
The purest form of amorphous carbon.

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: We know that carbon is a chemical element that has chemical symbol C. We know that the atomic number of carbon is six, the atomic weight is twelve, and the valency is four. We know that in nature, carbon appears in a free and combined state. In the combined state, carbon appears in compounds in states of gas, liquid, and solid.

Complete answer:
We know that carbon shows various allotropic forms. Diamond has the hardest structure whereas graphite is one of the softest substances.
We have to know that the structure having no specific shape is called an amorphous form. The types of amorphous form of carbon are coal, coke, charcoal, light dark and gas carbon.
Coal is framed by the decay of dead plants and trees covered under the earth more than a long period of time back. It is of four sorts dependent on carbon content, in particular, peat, lignite, bituminous and anthracite. The most flawless assortment of coal is anthracite. It contains $92 - 98\% $ carbon content. Coal is utilized as a fuel for both homegrown and modern purposes.
We have to know that the purest form of amorphous carbon is anthracite.

We need to realize that carbon is formed inside stars when they consume helium in reaction to atomic combination. It is the fourth most plentiful component known to man. Unadulterated types of carbon have low harmfulness. Carbon, a type of coal, can be utilized as a wellspring of fuel. We can utilize carbon dark as dark color in printing ink. We can utilize graphite in pencil tips, anodes, and dry cells. We can utilize diamonds for cutting, crushing, cleaning and penetrating in industry.