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Name the following.
Plants that have true roots, stems, and leaves, as well as flowers and seeds enclosed in fruits.

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Hint: Plants having true roots, stems and leaves are present only in the higher classification of the plants. But stem like, leaf like and root like structures are present in the primitive category of the plant kingdom.

Complete answer:
A plant having true roots, stem leaves and flowers and seeds enclosed in fruits occur in angiosperms. The division of angiosperm contains plants that have covered seeds within the fruits. It has a well defined leaf, root, stem and the reproductive unit of flowers. It is the most advanced plant type in the plant kingdom.

Additional Information: -Bryophytes consist of the mosses and liverworts. They lack seed and reproduce through spores. They don’t have proper roots, stems and leaves. Instead they have leaf-like structures and root-like structures present. They don’t have a proper vascular system present. They reproduce either asexually or vegetatively. They are of great economic value.
-Tracheophytes have leaf, root and stem. They reproduce either through spores or through seeds. They have developed vascular systems and have xylem and phloem present. They are covered with a thick layer of wax to help them in protection. They also have stomata present in them.
-Gymnosperms are the plants having true stem, and root. They have naked seeds hence the name given gymnosperm. They possess needle-like leaves. The seeds are produced on the cones. They pollinate through wind pollination as they have hair like structure present on them. Gymnosperms are sporophytes.
The correct answer is 'angiosperms'.

Note: Gymnosperms are older than the angiosperms. They lack seed cover hence have naked seeds. Gymnosperm lack flowers hence lack in the fruit formation.