Name the country where the Constitution was amended four times to accommodate the regional differences and cultural diversities.

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Hint: Every country has its culture and social status that has to be maintained in a proper decorum so as to protect its regional and cultural diversities. India is also a diversified country having its unity in a single home.

Complete answer:
There are various countries in the world with a multicultural nature and it is maintained in a very responsive manner. It is also based on the authority of a country to manage the legal classifications, legislation as well as regulations of various cultures along with regional diversity.
1. It can also be seen that countries are having conflicts based on regional or cultural outlooks. It happens when there is a clash between different cultural values or regional beliefs. Therefore, to run a nation in a peaceful manner a country needs a Constitution, where a set of rules can be performed by the authority which is required for the people belonging to different ethnic and religious groups to live in harmony.
2. To respect the cultural diversities and regional differences in country amendments and acts should be there in the Constitution of that country. Belgium is best known for such rules in its constitution.
3. The Constitution of Belgium was amended four times to accommodate the regional differences and cultural diversities. It was a time between 1970 to 1993 the Belgian leaders took the decision to amend their constitution just to maintain harmony in the country.

Note: Earlier, the Belgium government was having a Unitary form of government but it shifted to a federal form because of the change in 1993. Thus, the region was given power and was not any longer dependent on the central government.