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Name the common simple tissues of the plant body and write one function of each.

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: Tissue is a group of two or more cell types which perform similar functions. Tissue bearing different cell types functions together as a single unit. Based on the ability to divide and to perform specialized functions, there are many kinds of plant and animal tissues. One of the types of plant tissue is simple tissue, in which the cells are structurally and functionally the same.

Complete answer:
Simple tissue
Tissues that possess a single type of permanent cells which are similar in structure, origin and function are called simple tissue. They are permanent tissues, meaning they have lost the ability to divide and attained permanent shape and size and function to perform. There are three types of simple tissues, namely, parenchyma, collenchyma and sclerenchyma.
Types of simple tissue
1. Parenchyma – It’s the most common and abundant tissue present in the plant body. They are living cells possessing isodiametric shape and thin walls. Parenchymatous cells are morphologically and physiologically unspecialised. The major function performed by parenchymal cells is storage of food.
2. Collenchyma – It’s abundantly found in climbing stems. These are living cells having thick walls made up of pecto cellulose. They are mostly found in hypodermis of dicot root. They provide mechanical strength to the plant body and hence they are also known as living mechanical tissue.
3. Sclerenchyma – These are dead cells having thickened cell walls made up of lignin. The main function of sclerenchyma is providing mechanical strength to the plant body during the secondary growth.

Note: It is highly important to remember the clear definition and difference of each tissue type. Simple tissues are possessing only a single type of cell, which are performing specific functions. Parenchyma cells are useful in storing food. Collenchyma and sclerenchyma provide mechanical strength. Among the types of simple tissue, sclerenchyma is the only dead tissue.