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Name some materials exhibiting slow combustion.

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Hint :Smoldering (slow combustion) is a low-temperature, flameless process of combustion that is maintained by the heat produced when oxygen directly attacks the surface of a condensed-phase hydrocarbon. It's a low-temperature, flameless method of combustion of a condensed fuel that poses safety and environmental risks while also allowing for novel technological applications, but the fundamentals are largely unknown.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Until ignition and combustion will occur, three things must be present in the proper proportions: heat, oxygen, and fuel.
Slow combustion reactions are described as combustion reactions that occur slowly and produce a small amount of heat. Slow combustion can be seen in the rusting and digestion of food processes.
Slow combustion is a form of combustion that takes a long time to complete. Slow combustion is illustrated by cellular respiration. Glucose is oxidised during respiration, releasing carbon dioxide and energy in the process. This is a reaction that is very close to combustion.

Note :
Rust is an iron oxide, a typically reddish-brown oxide formed when iron and oxygen react catalytically in the presence of water or air moisture. Rust is made up of hydrous iron(III) oxides and iron(III) oxide-hydroxide, and it is commonly associated with refined iron corrosion.
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