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Name four categories of people who depend on the forest resources mentioning major needs of each category.

Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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Hint: Forest provides us with various resources. These resources include food, fruit, wood, flowers, medicinal herbs, fodder and many other things. These resources have been very useful for mankind and have helped them survive.

Complete answer:
-Individuals depend upon the forest for its resources. These individuals are the people who live in and around the forest. They include village people and tribal people. Their major needs from the forest includes firewood, fruits, medicinal herbs, fodder etc. they usually use forest resources in their day to day life.
-Government of the country owns the forest land area. They decide the use of the forest products. They usually sell and earn revenue from the resources. They may over exploit the resources for their greed. They supply a huge amount of profitable resources without carrying out environmental safety.
-Industrialists needs are similar to that of the government. They provide various resources to the city people. They extract raw materials available in the forest and then convert it into usable forms for the city people. Some of the things that they sell are paper, furniture, tobacco etc.
-Nature enthusiasts are those people who explore the forests. They may be botanists who are in search of the new plant species. Some people like to go into the forest to enjoy the nature, fresh air and scenic view. It’s a great escape one can have from city life.

Note: The resources of the forest are limited and they need time to replenish. Due to human greed there has been so much damage done to the forest. As forests are the home of wild animals by damaging the forest, we are putting the life of animals in danger too. We need to reduce the consumption of resources from forests and we need to try to save forests from over-exploitation.