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Mutation theory was proposed by
A. Hugo de Vries
B. Gregor Mendel
C. Lamrach
D. Kolreuter

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: Hugo de Vries researched the inheritance of flower color in Evening Primrose and proposed mutation theory. In Accordance with this theory, the mutations are sudden, random, inheritable, and discontinuous variations that serve as raw material for evolution.

Complete answer:
Option A- Hugo de Vries
Hugo Marie de Vries was a Dutch botanist. He was also a great geneticist. He is known largely for suggesting the concept of genes. He also rediscovered the laws of heredity in the 1890s. At this time, he was seemingly unaware of Gregor Mendel's work, for introducing the term "mutation", and for developing a mutation theory of evolution

Option B- Gregor Mendel
Gregor Johann Mendel was a scientist. He was born in a German family who lived in the Silesian part of the Austrian Empire. He gained a posthumous tribute as the founder of the modern science of genetics.

Option C- Lamrach
 Lamarck was known as a French naturalist. He was a soldier, biologist, and academic, and an early proponent of the idea that biological evolution happened and proceeded by natural laws.

Option D- Kolreuter
 Koelreuter or Kohlreuter, was a German botanist. He inaugurated the study of plant fertilization and hybridization. He was the first to detect self-incompatibility.

So, the correct option is A- Hugo de Vries

Note: The de Vries' mutation theory declares that living organisms can formulate changes to their genes that greatly alter the organism. These changes are passed down to the next generation which leads to the development of new species. Once a fresh species has evolved, it becomes stabilized and stops changing.