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How is the movement of leaves of the sensitive plant different from the movement of a shoot towards light?

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: The movement of the leaves towards the stimulus as a response which is the innate ability of an organism. The innate ability is the ability that is present genetically and is not adapted in life. The organisms that undergo any trophic changes will move towards a stimulus.

Complete answer
Thigmotropism Phototropism
The movement of leaves of the sensitive plant is a nastic movement called thigmotropism. The movement of a shoot towards light is a tropical movement called phototropism.
The nastic movements generally occur in plants and are non-directional with no exact path.The tropical movements are unidirectional depending upon the path from where the stimulus comes.
Nastic movements are fast.Tropical movements are slow.
These movements are expressed by the flat organs (like leaves and petals of flowers) of a plant. For example, the Touch-me-not plant opens and closes when one touches. These movements are expressed by all parts of a plant. Such as the movement of a shoot towards the light and not towards gravity.

Additional information
Types of tropic movement
Phototropism: In phototropism, the light acts as the stimulus on which the plant’s growth depends and may grow towards or away from the light.
Gravitropism: the process in which the plants move towards the force of gravity where gravity acts as a stimulus.
Chemotropism: The plant curves and moves towards the region where the chemical substances are present.
Thigmotropism: The process where the plant grows towards the response produced when they come in contact with the solid object.
Hydrotropism: The process in which the plant moves or grows towards the stimulus which depends upon the presence of the water.
Thermotropism: the process in which the plant responds to the atmospheric temperature that changes constantly.

Nastic movement may be induced by touch (seismonastic), temperature (Thermonastic), light, and chemicals. But in tropical movement, if the plant moves towards the stimulus then it is the positive tropism, and when the plants move away from the stimulus, then it is known as negative tropism.