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Mother divided the money among Ram, Shyam and Meena in the ratio $2:3:5$. If Meena got $Rs.150,$. Find the total amount and the money received by Ram and Shyam.

Last updated date: 22nd May 2024
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Hint- In order to solve such type of problem, just assume some money given to each person with the help of ratio and further find some algebraic equation with the help of known amount and the sum of all the money.

Given that the money was divided in the ratio $2:3:5$ among Ram, Shyam and Meena.
So, let the money given to Ram $ = 2x$
The money given to Shyam $ = 3x$
The money given to Meena $ = 5x$
Since we know that Meena got $Rs.150,$ so
$ \Rightarrow 5x = Rs.150 \\
\Rightarrow x = Rs.30 \\
Now total amount $ = 2x + 3x + 5x = 10x$
Substituting the value of $x$, we obtain
$10x = 10 \times 30 = Rs.300$
Money given to Ram $ = 2x = 2 \times 30 = Rs.60$
Money given to Shyam $ = 3x = 3 \times 30 = Rs.90$
Hence, Ram got Rs.60, Shyam got Rs.90 and total amount was Rs.300

Note- In solving such questions it is easier to solve by considering some unknown variables and then moving further by solving equations. This question can also be solved in another way by starting with considering the total amount as some unknown variable and then dividing it to the people by the help of the ratio given.