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Most of the blood proteins are
A. Acidic
B. Basic
C. Neutral
D. All the above in equal proportions

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Hint: The proteins present in blood plasma are also known as blood proteins or plasma proteins. The transportation of lipids, vitamins and minerals and hormones; the functioning of the immune system are the main tasks of blood proteins. Generally, there are three types of plasma proteins.

Complete Answer:
- Albumin, the most common member of the family of globular proteins is a concentrated acidic solution which accounts for about 55 percent of the total plasma proteins.
- Globulin is also from the family of globular proteins. But unlike albumin, it is basic in nature and accounts for about 38% of plasma proteins.
- The glycoprotein complex that circulates in the blood, is called Fibrinogen. The percentage of this protein is about 7 percent in blood and it is slightly acidic in nature.
- Hence, we can say that most blood proteins are acidic in nature. Although, their pH value is considerably different.

Additional information: As per popular belief, the ‘haemoglobin’(that is, the Metalloprotein present in red blood cells which transports the iron-containing oxygen) is also considered as one of the plasma proteins. But this is not true in every case as it flows with red blood corpuscles and thus it could not be able to be the part of the blood serum.

Note: There are various blood proteins with their different pH values demarcating them as acidic or basic. But it should be noted that the mean value of the total pH level of the plasma protein is acidic. This happens due to the presence of major acidic proteins in the blood serum.