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MOET (Multiple Ovulation Embryo transfer) is a method of which of the following?
A. Fish cultivation
B. Hybridisation of cattles
C. Birth control
D. Cloning of sheep

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Hint: MOET is a kind of controlled breeding experiment. This is done to get the desirable characters and a large number of progeny from a single one. The organism is artificially inseminated in MOET and the traits which are required is transferred by artificial insemination.

Complete answer:
Multiple Ovulation Embryo Technology (MOET) is one of the programmes of herd improvement. In this method, a cow is injected with hormones, like FSH, so that it can increase the follicular maturation and superovulation; they do not produce a single egg, which they normally produce per cycle, but here they give 6-8 eggs. The fertilised eggs are usually recovered at 2-32 cells stage without using surgical techniques and transferred to surrogate mothers. The genetic mother is there for the next superovulation round. This technology is used for cattles, sheep, rabbits, mares etc. Increased milk yielding breeds of females and increased quality (lean meat with less lipid) meat yielding bulls are bred so that the size of the herd can be enhanced.

-Fish cultivation : Fish is an important component of food and many other medicines. In fish cultivation, catching, processing and selling of fish, shellfish is taken for the distinct purpose of food and the process is called pisciculture.
-Hybridisation of cattles: The programme is used for herd improvement. A cow is injected with hormones with FSH to increase follicular maturation and superovulation. And the process is termed as MOET.
-Birth control: the methods of birth control are known as contraception methods. There are many contraception methods like barrier methods, oral pills etc.
-Cloning of sheep: The cloned sheep is known as dolly. Sheep are reared for wool, skin and meat. Goats are reared for meat, milk etc. Thus cloning of sheep is not MOET.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B).

Note: One more method of control breeding experiment is artificial insemination: The semen is collected from the male that is chosen as a parent and acts as a donor and injected into selected female which acts as a recipient by the breeder. The semen can be used immediately or frozen for later use. Hence by this way desirable mating is carried out.