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Metalloid among the following is :
a.) Lithium
b.) Sulphur
c.) Sodium
d.) Silicon

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Hint: Metalloids are those which show the properties of both metals and nonmetals. This element is a group-4 element (Carbon family).

Complete answer:
Metalloids are those elements which possess the characteristics of both metals and nonmetals or we can also say that their properties lie in between that of metals and nonmetals.
Silicon is a metalloid from group 4 (Carbon family).
Boron, Silicon, germanium, Arsenic, Antimony, tellurium are the most commonly known metalloids.
Let us now look at the rest of the options given in the question:
Option (A) Lithium is a metal , which has an atomic number of 3, and is in the group 1(alkali metals).
Option (B) Sulphur is a non-metal, which is having an atomic number of 16, and is in group 6 (Oxygen family/ chalcogens).
Option (C) Sodium is a metal, which has an atomic number of 11, and is in the group 1(alkali metals).
So, the correct answer is “Option D”.

Additional Information:
As we have already mentioned that the metalloids have the properties in between that of metals and non- metals, now we can look at the properties of metals.

MetalsNon - Metals
electropositive in natureusually electronegative in nature.
Good conductors of heat and electricityBad conductors of heat and electricity
Solis at room temperature with an exception of mercuryExist in all three states (s,l,g)
High densitiesLow densities

Now, we can look at the uses of metalloids:
(i) Metalloids can form alloys with metals.
(ii) They can be used as good semiconductors.
(iii) Silicon is used in computers,rubber, automotive engines etc..
(iv) Boron is used in fireworks, cleaning, bakeware etc..
(v) Arsenic is used as a wood preservative , semiconductor and also as a tool for gene silencing in genetic engineering.
(vi) Germanium and antimony are used in cosmetics, paints and stains, semiconductors etc..
(vii) Polonium and Tellurium are used in steel alloy, blasting caps and also as lunar rovers.

Note: These metalloids are positioned diagonally in the periodic table (p- block). Also these serve in a way as a dividing line between metals and nonmetals in the periodic table.