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Merit of Bentham and Hooker's system is
A. Placement of renales in beginning
B. Placement of orchidaceae in microspermae
C. Placement of Asteraceae in beginning of gamopetalae
D. Position of gymnospermae in between dicots and monocots

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: A taxonomic system for the classification of seedlings is the Bentham and hooker system. This system is based on natural affinities and is not based on the theory of evolution. This system was introduced before the binomial nomenclature system.

Complete answer: George Bentham and Joseph Hooker advanced this theory. In their book Genera Plantarum published in three volumes, they categorised plants into 97,205 species and 202 families and 7,569 genera. The system came before the binomial nomenclature. In this system "ordo" represents the family, and "cohors'' represent an order. The rank above order is the "Series." The renales were in Cohors 1, in the first class of dicotyledons, sequence I Thalamic oras, as renales are primitive living angio-sperms. Gymnosperms is an advanced family that is placed in the lower order and is the demerit of this system. Since gymnosperm is primitive, it is considered a demerit compared to monocots and dicots. Bentham and Hooker's system deserve to be that Renales was initially placed. Renales are the most primitive living angiosperms and therefore, Bentham's and Hooker's system deserves it at the outset.
Hence, the correct answer is option A.

Note: The classification system of Bentham and Hooker is still being followed in world herbaria. The details of the majority of plants present at that time have been recorded. It is considered the best system for the identification of plants in the lab.