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What do you mean by green chemistry? How will it help decrease environmental pollution?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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We can understand the concept of green chemistry by looking how chemistry can help in facing some issues posed by chemistry itself.

Complete step by step solution
We have heard a lot about the basic debate whether science is a boon or a bane for it has helped us in discovering fire in the earliest age and nuclear power in the present times but we have witnessed the destruction of civilization by these two great discoveries as well. Similar threats have been posed by various chemical methods and uses of chemicals in our daily lives or on large scale. For example, fertilizers, pesticides and many other chemicals helped us tremendously in increasing our agricultural production but at the same time it led to contamination of water, soil and food which is hazardous to human health. So, if we can’t consume the very produce for which so many chemicals have been used then why prepare them in the first place? We can ask innumerable questions on the similar lines but the answer might lie in a simple approach: we have to find ways that would enable us to reduce the use of harmful chemicals; replace them with less harmful or healthy ones and dispose of them properly as well. This is basically what green chemistry is about.

We can define green chemistry as devising efficient and effective processes of production that would cause no or minimum harm to the environment; the by-products if generated could be disposed efficiently as well. When our reactants, products, intermediates, by-products and all other chemical species along with the chemical processes would be environment friendly then we can say that we have helped in reducing environmental pollution as well by not contributing to it.

We can also use green fuels for example or green ways of power generation.This will promote newer technology to be built to provide better and sustainable means of fuels.